Parcours – découverte L’Afrique du Sud, au lycée avec les élèves de 2nd 

Le jeudi 21 mars pour la journée des langues en anglais, nous mettrons à l’honneur les pays du Commonwealth et tout particulièrement: 

  • L’  AUSTRALIE  et les jeux olympiques de 08H00 à 09H00 salle info 3 
  • L AFRIQUE DU SUD en salle Ecuador de 15H50 à 16H35 

South Africa being one of the many countries within the commonwealth of nations was celebrated during language week. 

Pupils were taken on a virtual tour of the country’s beautiful landscapes and oceans. 

Introducing them to the extraordinary wildlife, diverse culture, delicious cuisine as well as the links to the United Kingdom and the history which makes South Africa a rainbow nation. 

They enjoyed a fun quiz with an online game on Kahoot. An activity which I might add draws undivided attention and excitement in the classroom! 

Following this, to provide awareness and familiarize students with the spoken English around the world, namely, British, Australian, New Zealand, Canadian and South African accents were played in the form of videos in a “Spot the accent” challenge.   

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